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Monthly Pet Photo Contest

We want to see how your pet is enjoying life! Upload photos of your pets decked out, checking out life, playing, or trying to avoid the camera all together. Share your caption and check out the other photos. The picture with the most votes at the end of each deadline wins a prize.

Prizes: Gift certificates for services, toys or treats for your furry friends, or other prizes. Prizes will be determined at the end of each deadline and you will be contacted by email.

Deadline: 20th of each month.

Alta Vista Pet Photo Contest
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We are proud to be an AAHA accredited hospital. We have passed a comprehensive evaluation including a quality assessment review of our hospital’s facility, medical equipment, practice methods and pet health care management.

Only 15 percent of all small animal veterinary practices in the U.S. have achieved accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association. In order to maintain accredited status, our hospital must continue to be evaluated regularly by the association’s consultants.

“Alta Vista Veterinary Hospital belongs to a select group of practices that are committed to meeting the highest standards in veterinary medicine,” says Anna Worth, VMD, AAHA president. “AAHA hospitals pass a stringent evaluation of over 900 standards covering patient care, client service and medical protocols. By attaining accreditation, we are demonstrating its dedication to offering the best care to its patients and clients.”
Established in 1933, the American Animal Hospital Association is the only organization that accredits veterinary practices throughout the U.S. and Canada for dedication to high standards of veterinary care. Approximately 3,000 AAHA-accredited practices pass regular reviews of AAHA’s stringent accreditation standards that cover patient care, client service and medical protocols.

We would like to inform you about a Canine Healthcare Alert and some proactive steps you can take to protect your canine companions from Canine Flu!

•What is canine influenza (dog flu)?
Dog flu is a contagious respiratory disease in dogs caused by a specific Type A influenza virus referred to as a “canine influenza virus.” This is a disease of dogs, not of humans.

•Where did it originate?: It first presented itself in Florida in greyhounds in 2004 and has now been found in 30 states and the District of Columbia.

•Who is at risk?: One hundred percent of dogs are susceptible and eighty percent of infected dogs will show signs of infection. In about twenty percent of these cases, more severe signs will occur and up to eight percent of clinically ill dogs may die from complications like high fever and pneumonia.

•What are the signs?: The signs of Canine Influenza are similar to kennel cough and can therefore be easily dismissed by a pet’s owner. These include coughing, sneezing, fever, nasal discharge and ocular (eye) discharge. Even dogs that do not show symptoms can still spread the virus. Unfortunately, by the time dogs would show signs of infection, they have unknowingly already been spreading the disease for 7-10 days.

•What do I do if My Dog seems sick?: Please be vigilant and if you notice that your dog is coughing, sneezing, running a fever, has a nasal discharge and ocular (eye) discharge, then immediately isolate your dog from other dogs and call us at 602-277-1464 and arrange to have your dog examined by one of our veterinarians.

The Canine Flu Vaccine
•The best way to protect your dogs from Canine Influenza is to maintain healthy pets, in order to strengthen their immune systems, and to immunize them with the Canine Influenza Vaccine.

•The vaccine has been proven safe and well tolerated in over 700 dogs. The vaccine is initially a series of two injections given 2-4 weeks apart and then annually.

•We recommend the vaccine for dogs that socialize with other dogs in places such as veterinary clinics, boarding facilities, pet stores, daycares, dog parks and obedience classes. Your dog should be at least 6-8 weeks old and have no history of vaccine reactions in the past.

•One of the most disturbing things about Canine Flu is that animals that are in the contagious stage and shedding the virus, show no symptoms. Infected dogs may not show signs until after they are finished shedding the virus to other dogs. Infectious dogs may look perfectly normal, and act perfectly normal, while spreading the disease to other dogs. For that reason, vaccination is really the only practical way of preventing severe disease.

Additional Resources:








An ounce of prevention is worth a pound in cure. Investing in proactive preventative healthcare for our pets, improves their quality of life, increases their longevity, and decreases long-term and unexpected healthcare costs.

If you have any questions about Canine Influenza, the Canine Influenza Vaccination, Alta Vista Veterianry Hospital's Canine Flu Vaccine Clinic, or directions please call and speak to one of our Healthcare Team members.

Pit bulls filling county shelters


Nutro Products Announces Voluntary Recall of Limited Range of Dry Cat Food Products


The following article regarding rabies was featured in the Arizona Republic March 23, 2009.

"Rabies surge in Arizona sparks new alert"

Please click on the following link to read article

Please click on the following link to read an article that the American Heartworm Society has written about heartworm:

"Heartworm Disease Prevention Protects Pets, Wallets
-- Rise in Mosquito Population Causes New Warning"

Stray pets on the rise please click on the following article to see how you can help.

Stray dogs and cats on rise during economic down times

Alta Vista in the Local News
The following are links to recent news appearances that Dr. Sean Penn and Dr. Jeff Hesser have participated in at Alta Vista
Veterinary Hospital.

Hartz Recall on Dog Treats

Is buying your pet's meds online cheaper or safe?

Please remember that our office will price match medicaton for most cases.

Online Ad Puts Valley Man in Jail

New bacteria outbreak linked to pet food; how to stay healthy

Grass-growing ingredient could kill Valley dogs

New Addition
We are pleased to announce the opening of our 7,000 sq ft. facility!
In our new addition we have eight large exam rooms, large comfortable waiting room, two new surgery suites, and a large, four station treatment area. Alta Vista has always had limited parking but with the new addition we have 40 new parking spaces for your convenience. Our new addition will help us to provide a more thorough service in an effort to care for your pets. Below are a couple a pictures of the new building while under construction.
Please check back often as a virtual tour of our beautiful new facility will be coming soon

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