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About Us

Gerald and Cyndi Jenkins, Practice Owners

Cyndi and Dr. Gerald Jenkins are a dedicated and compassionate couple who are the proud owners and operators of Alta Vista. Having owned the practice since 1972, Dr. Jenkins has played a pivotal role in shaping its philosophy and guiding its growth. Interestingly, Alta Vista is the fifth practice established in Central Phoenix and was originally surrounded by dairy farms, showcasing the significant changes in the area over the years. Dr. Jenkins and Cyndi put in immense effort to ensure that Alta Vista has the necessary resources, staff training, and a genuine sense of care to provide exceptional veterinary services for beloved pets. When they are not tirelessly tending to their practice, they find relaxation in Payson, indulging in fly fishing and exploring new destinations. The Jenkins family is actively involved in the hospital, with Miranda handling front desk responsibilities and Forrest practicing as a veterinarian, further highlighting their commitment to providing comprehensive care for pets and their owners.



Paige Peterson, DVM

Dr. Peterson is a North Central Phoenix native who grew up going to local Madison schools and graduated from Sunnyslope High School. She received a volleyball scholarship to Concordia University where she studied abroad in Argentina her junior year and graduated with honors in 2007. She started vet school at University of Edinburgh in 2007. The summer of her Junior year in vet school she spent three months in Kenya researching indigenous cattle for the International Livestock Research Institute. She has also worked at several spay and neuter clinics abroad and gets great satisfaction from volunteering her time for the improvement of animal welfare. She is happy to be back to her native area after having enjoyed many wonderful experiences abroad. Her husband whom she met at vet school has returned with her to Arizona and is a large animal vet in the Prescott area. They have several dogs, cats, chickens, and horses at home and spend their spare time horseback riding and hiking in the Phoenix Mountain Preserves.

Forrest Jenkins, DVM

Dr. Forrest Jenkins is a proud Arizona native with a deep-rooted passion for veterinary medicine. After completing his Bachelor's Degree at Arizona State University, he pursued his dream of becoming a veterinarian by obtaining his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in Virginia. Dr. Jenkins finds joy and fulfillment in all aspects of veterinary medicine, embracing the opportunity to provide compassionate care to needy animals. When he's not attending to his patients, he takes advantage of his free time to explore the vibrant culinary scene of locally owned restaurants, savoring the diverse flavors and culinary experiences available. Additionally, Dr. Jenkins cherishes quality moments spent with his beloved Yorkies, treasuring the companionship and unconditional love they bring to his life. His commitment to his profession and his devotion to his furry friends make Dr. Jenkins a valuable and caring presence in the veterinary community.

Jacklyn Rind, DVM


Dr. Jacklyn Rind is originally from Chicago, Illinois, but spent significant time in the northeast US (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware). She graduated from the University of Delaware in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and a minor in Biology. During undergrad, Jacklyn began working at local veterinary clinics as a technician and fell in love with small animal general practice. 


She started veterinary school at Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ, in 2019. During her time there, she completed ~30 spay and neuter surgeries, multiple dental procedures, and held the position of Trap Neuter Release (TNR) chair for the school’s shelter medicine club. During her clinical rotations with a small animal focus, Dr. Rind found her passion for dentistry/surgery, pathology/cytology, and urgent care medicine. Dr. Rind’s favorite part about general practice is establishing lifelong relationships with her clients and patients. At home, Dr. Rind has a pitbull/lab/boxer mix named Moose and a chihuahua (her favorite breed!) named Paisley. She also has two cats at home, Bebies and New Guy. On the weekends, you can find Dr. Rind adventuring with her dogs or cooking a homemade meal.


Dion, Business Manager

Originally hailing from San Diego, California, Dion spent his formative years in the vibrant city before embarking on a distinguished career in the Air Force. As a criminal investigator and hostage negotiator, Dion showcased exceptional skills and dedication in his role. His outstanding achievements were recognized with prestigious accolades, including the John Leviton Award, the Air Force leadership award, and a non-commissioned officer quarterly award. Following an honorable discharge from the Air Force, Dion continued his commitment to public service by joining the Phoenix police department as a police officer. Eager to expand his knowledge and credentials, Dion pursued higher education, earning an Associate's degree in Organizational Leadership and a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice and Business Management. His academic excellence was further acknowledged through his membership in Delta Mu Delta, an esteemed international business honor society. Demonstrating his affinity for animals, Dion is a certified dog trainer and mentors aspiring dog trainers at the Animal Behavior College. With his exceptional background, expertise in law enforcement, and passion for animal behavior, Dion brings a unique skill set and perspective to his work.

Sissy, Veterinary Technician Manager

Sissy is a dedicated and compassionate veterinary team member at Alta Vista. With her AOS degree in veterinary technology earned in February 2009, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Sissy's friendly nature and zest for life shine through in her interactions with animals and people. Her love for animals has always held a special place in her heart, motivating her to expand her knowledge and skills through ongoing education continually. Sissy became a part of the Alta Vista team in October 2007, initially joining as an extern and later becoming a valuable staff member. She consistently goes above and beyond for pets and their owners, exemplifying her commitment to exceptional care. During her spare time, Sissy enjoys relaxing at home with her husband and her cherished "little zoo" of pets. Her unwavering dedication to her profession and her genuine love for animals make Sissy a valued asset to Alta Vista and a source of comfort and support for those she serves.



Rosa, Customer Service Representative

Rosa is a highly skilled veterinary professional who relocated from California to Arizona, bringing her wealth of experience to Alta Vista. With a long-standing career in the veterinary field, Rosa has been a valuable member of the Alta Vista team since 2005. Her compassionate and dedicated approach to care shows her genuine love for working with animals. Rosa's furry family includes a delightful Labradoodle named Teddy and a charming Ringed-Neck Parakeet named Paco, reflecting her deep bond and affinity for animals. When she's not tending to her patients, Rosa keeps busy with the joyful chaos of raising her two children. Her commitment to her work, nurturing nature, and devotion to her family, make Rosa an indispensable member of the Alta Vista team, providing exceptional care to pets and comforting their owners.

Jessica, Customer Service Representative

Jessica, a Connecticut native, has always deeply appreciated nature and the great outdoors. Her upbringing was filled with countless hours spent exploring the woods, fostering a solid connection to the natural world. This profound connection led Jessica to pursue a rewarding career in the veterinary field, eventually finding her place at the Phoenix Zoo. In 2009, she joined the Alta Vista team, where she discovered a sense of belonging and fulfillment. Even in her spare time, Jessica embraces her love for nature, often venturing out with her husband, kids, and beloved Frenchie Bruno. Running is another passion of hers, allowing her to stay active and in touch with the beauty of the world around her. Additionally, Jessica finds joy in volunteering at the Zoo, lending her skills and expertise to support and care for the animals. Her dedication to her work and her love for family and nature make Jessica a valued member of the Alta Vista team, providing compassionate care and nurturing the bond between humans and animals.
Martina, Veterinary Technician

Martina, a proud Arizona native, spent most of her life in Holbrook, AZ. Growing up in a small town, she developed a strong sense of compassion and a desire to help and care for stray animals. This deep-rooted connection led Martina to pursue a career in the animal field. After completing high school, she moved to Phoenix to attend Anthem College, where she excelled academically and graduated with Honors, earning her Veterinary Technology Associate of Science Degree. Martina's dedication and hard work paid off when she was hired by Alta Vista following her externship, allowing her to fulfill her dreams of making a difference in the lives of animals since 2014.
When she's not at Alta Vista, Martina devotes herself to being a full-time mom to her two children and one furry companion. Balancing her roles as a veterinary professional and a mother, she finds joy and fulfillment in both aspects of her life. During her spare time, Martina enjoys making mini trips to scenic destinations such as Sedona or Flagstaff, creating lasting memories with her family. Martina's unwavering commitment to the well-being of animals and her nurturing nature as a mother makes her an invaluable member of the Alta Vista team, providing exceptional care and support to both pets and their owners.


Dana, Veterinary Technician

Dana, a dedicated veterinary technician at Alta Vista, has a rich background in Texas and Phoenix. Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, she has spent most of her life in Phoenix. Dana's educational journey led her to Anthem College, where she studied Veterinary Technology for two years. Her commitment to excellence paid off when she proudly graduated with her Associate of Science degree in March 2013. Since February 2013, Dana has been an integral part of the Alta Vista team, utilizing her knowledge and skills to make a positive impact. With a deep passion for learning, she eagerly absorbs new information from her co-workers, constantly seeking growth and improvement. Dana's ambition is to become a Certified Veterinary Technician shortly, further solidifying her dedication to her profession. Her beloved pets, including her fuzz babies "Kitty," "Oona," and her pug with a humanlike personality named "Alice," provide her with daily inspiration and remind her of the incredible bond between humans and animals. Dana's unwavering enthusiasm, desire to make a difference, and love for her furry companions make her an invaluable asset to the Alta Vista team, ensuring exceptional care and support for pets and their owners.

Karla, Veterinary Technician

Karla, a proud native of Arizona, has been an integral part of the AVVH team since September 2015. She has developed deep connections with the patients and her colleagues throughout her time here, forming lasting friendships. Karla's unwavering dedication to patient care is evident in her commitment to providing exceptional service, whether it's during a routine wellness visit, an illness-related appointment, or even a surgical procedure. She values the opportunity to work alongside her dedicated coworkers, constantly learning from their experiences and expanding her knowledge in the veterinary field. Beyond her professional life, Karla finds immense joy in being a mom to her cute kiddo and furry and furless babies, creating a loving and nurturing environment for all. During her leisure time, she cherishes relaxation at home, savoring precious moments with her family and indulging in her favorite entertainment genres, including true crime shows and romantic comedies, with her supportive boyfriend.
Jocelyn, Veterinary Technician

Jocelyn, a proud native of Arizona, was born and raised in the beautiful state alongside her loving family, which includes four dogs and two cats. In January 2023, she achieved a significant milestone in her career by graduating from the Pima Medical Institute, earning a certificate as a Veterinary Assistant. Shortly after completing her studies, Jocelyn joined the Alta Vista family, where she had the opportunity to put her knowledge into practice during her externship. Guided by her supportive and experienced coworkers, she continues growing and learning more about the veterinary field each day. Outside of work, Jocelyn finds joy in her hobbies and interests. She is an avid fan of Marvel movies and often spends her free time at the gym, hiking in nature, or simply relaxing at home with her beloved pets. Jocelyn's dedication to her career and her passion for animals makes her a valued member of the veterinary community.
Beth, Veterinary Technician

Meet Beth, a compassionate soul from Kimberly, Wisconsin, where she spent her formative years. In 2019, she ventured westward and found her new home in Arizona. Since then, Beth has been working passionately at Alta Vista, which aligns perfectly with her deep love for animals. Her lifelong bond with animals was sparked when she received her first dog at age three. Beth finds immense joy in being a voice for animals, advocating for their welfare, and ensuring they receive the love and care they deserve. The affectionate slobbery kisses she receives from her two dogs, Harley and Ivy, bring her immeasurable happiness. In addition to her canine companions, she is the proud owner of a frisky feline named Picante, whose sassy personality adds a touch of flair to Beth's life. With her heart filled with compassion, Beth continues to positively impact the lives of animals, spreading love and fighting for their rights. 
Luciano, Veterinary Technician

Luciano, a compassionate individual from Phoenix, Arizona, has harbored a deep-rooted passion for the animal care field since childhood. From a young age, he felt an innate desire to assist every animal he encountered on the streets, yearning to impact their lives positively. In 2019, while attending school, he began his journey at Alta Vista as a kennel assistant, diligently cleaning kennels and helping wherever possible. While working as a kennel attendant/veterinary assistant,  Luciano discovered that Alta Vista was where he truly belonged and, through hard work, earned the right to be a veterinary technician. Luciano's relentless pursuit of new knowledge is evident in his unwavering commitment to learning and improving. He strives to provide the utmost care and support to each patient he encounters, putting forth his best efforts to ensure their well-being is prioritized. 
Matthew, Veterinary Technician

Matthew, a Florida native, has a profound connection with animals. His love for animals led him to share his home with a delightful pack of seven shih tzus and two cats. Matthew's passion for animals extended beyond his personal life as he pursued his education at West-Mec High School and graduated as a Veterinary Assistant. Currently, he is enrolled in college and working towards a biology degree. His ultimate aspiration is to gain admission to veterinary school and fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian. In his free time, Matthew finds solace and rejuvenation through fishing.
Alexis, Veterinary Technician

Alexis, a dedicated veterinary technician and customer service representative at Alta Vista Veterinary Hospital, hails from Los Angeles, California. Since joining Alta Vista in 2019, she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to animal care and exceptional client service.

At home, Alexis is the proud owner of two beloved puppers, Darkie and Stiorra, and she enjoys the companionship and joy they bring to her life. Outside of work, Alexis is devoted to spending quality time with her children and boyfriend, cherishing the family bonds that keep her grounded. Always driven and seeking to grow, Alexis is continuously on the lookout for the next challenge, embracing opportunities that allow her to learn and evolve.

Her balance of professional expertise and personal passion makes her a valuable asset to Alta Vista Veterinary Hospital and a cherished member of her community.

Laizza, Veterinary Technician

Laizza, a native of Arizona, pursued her passion for animals by attending Pima, where she graduated as a veterinary assistant. Her two adorable dogs, Kurai, a lively border collie mix puppy, Dashi, a spunky pitbull mix, and Zuko, a spirited husky, have brought immense joy to her life. Driven by her desire to bridge language barriers in veterinary care, Laizza envisions a future as a certified veterinary terminology Spanish translator, ensuring effective communication between pet owners and healthcare professionals. Moreover, she plans to further her education and become a certified veterinary technician, expanding her expertise and impact. When she's not busy with her studies or caring for her pets, you can find Laizza engaged in various active pursuits or building her own lash business, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.
Michelle, Veterinary Technician

Michelle, a devoted animal lover, is the proud owner of two beloved furry companions. Ginger, her spicy 10-year-old Chihuahua, provides endless joy and companionship. Additionally, she shares her home with Solovinno, a Terrier whose name originates from the Spanish phrase "came alone." Solovinno's serendipitous arrival as a stray led Michelle to open her heart and offer him a loving home. While her passion for animals is evident, Michelle leads a multifaceted life. When she's not showering her pets affectionately, she keeps herself occupied with her job at a breakfast diner, filling her days with meaningful interactions. In her leisure time, she indulges in her love for video games and finds solace in the thrill of horror movies. Michelle's dreams encompass a heartfelt desire to make a difference in the lives of countless stray animals, eagerly aspiring to provide them with the loving homes they deserve.
Lisette, Assistant & CSR

Meet Lisette! Born and raised in Arizona, Lisette has always had a profound connection with the desert landscape she calls home. Her journey into the veterinary field is driven by a deep-seated passion for animal welfare, a path that led her to pursue and successfully complete her studies at Pima Medical Institute, class of 2024.

Lisette is a proud dog mom to Dolcezza, a Shih Tzu whose name aptly translates to "sweetness" in Italian, reflecting her affectionate and gentle nature. Lisette and Dolcezza are often seen enjoying the beauty of Phoenix through their casual walks, exploring the scenic routes and embracing the tranquility of their surroundings.

Lisette unwinds by binge-watching episodes of American Dad. This blend of outdoor adventures and relaxing downtime encapsulates her well-rounded personality, bringing balance to her life and work.

Lisette's dedication to animal health and her compassionate approach make her a valuable addition to our team. We are thrilled to have her onboard, where her skills, warmth, and enthusiasm are bound to make a significant impact on the lives of the pets and people we serve.

Alexia, Customer Service Representative

Alexia is a military brat born on the Royal Air Force Base Lakenheath in the United Kingdom. Alexia also spent time in Hawaii and Colorado before finally settling in Arizona. She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies. Despite her background in justice, Alexia experienced a profound change of heart and now aspires to become a veterinarian and was recently accepted into the veterinary program at Midwestern. Balancing her professional life, she divides her time between working at the Mesa Justice Court and Alta Vista Veterinary Hospital. During her free time, you'll often find Alexia engrossed in her studies or at the gym, where she maintains her physical fitness. With her unwavering dedication and passion for animals, Alexia is determined to make a difference in veterinary medicine.
Krista, Veterinary Technician

Krista, a true native of the Central Phoenix area, has always had a deep connection to her community. After graduating from North High School, she pursued her passion for veterinary medicine by enrolling in Mesa Community College for Veterinary Technology. From a young age, Krista demonstrated a solid commitment to animal welfare, actively involving herself in various initiatives. Her journey began as an animal shelter volunteer, and she has since flourished as a veterinary technician in both general practice and the municipal shelter. Krista's dedication to improving the lives of animals is evident in her tireless work and compassionate approach. When she's not caring for animals, Krista enjoys supporting her local sports team and attending Coyotes hockey games. Furthermore, she cherishes quality time spent with her five canine companions, finding solace and joy in their presence. Krista's unwavering passion for animal welfare, combined with her love for her community and furry friends, makes her an invaluable asset to the veterinary field and a compassionate advocate for the well-being of animals.

Destiny, Assistant & CSR

Destiny is a devoted mother and Phoenix native whose lifelong passion for animals has shaped her personal and professional journey. Her early experiences fostered a deep-rooted love for all creatures, guiding her towards a career where she could make a difference in the lives of animals.

Destiny graduated from Carrington College with a certification in Veterinary Assisting. Her educational background equipped her with a solid foundation in veterinary practices, and she continually seeks to expand her knowledge and skills.

Outside of her professional life, Destiny cherishes the time she spends with her daughter. Destiny's journey reflects her unwavering commitment to animal welfare and her dedication to enriching the lives of both the animals she cares for and the people around her. Her warmth, expertise, and genuine care for her work make her a valued member of Alta Vista.
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