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5 Tips for a Happy Healthy Cat

September is Happy Healthy Cat Month! We consulted with Dr. Emmanouil Emmanouilidis (Dr. Manoli) because he has a special affection for felines. He gave us tips to share for keeping your cat happy and healthy all year long.

1 - Scratchers

Cats should have both horizontal and vertical scratchers. Some prefer one over the other and this helps prevent scratching on furniture.

2 - Feeding

Cats ideally should be fed wet only or a mix of wet and dry to help increase their water intake.

3 - Hairballs . . . or something more?

Hairballs shouldn’t occur in short haired cats and it can be vomiting that’s happening. Hairballs or vomiting over one time a week warrants an exam.

4 - Dental care

Cats need dentals too and getting teeth cleaned has been shown to help regulate diseases like respiratory infections, diabetes and decreased appetite.

5 - Exercise

Fifteen minutes of controlled outdoor stimulation or playtime has been shown to decrease the incidence of FIC (Feline Idiopathic Cystitis, or bladder inflammation) in cats.

All of us at Alta Vista Veterinary Hospital want your cats to live long, fulfilled lives. These tips, along with yearly wellness exams can help you accomplish this.

Visit us at to schedule a checkup for your favorite feline.

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